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    Windows search function is disabled

    When I click on search on the Windows task bar (on my laptop I right click on Windows button), 'search' is disabled. I'm on Toshiba Satellite C55-A.
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    windows search index after restoring from system image

    every time I restore from a system image, Windows seems to rebuild the index, which takes a long time. Why does this happen, and is there a way to avoid it? It doesn't seem to make a difference which program I use to perform the restore. Windows 10
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    my pc drains too fast?anyone can help me..

    i have my pc in power saver mood..loweredd the screen brightness...disabled windows search its nt works lees than an hour about 50 min when full can i solve it...additional info my pc is new one...
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    Windows Search 4.0 on XP: finding mht files

    I am running windows XP SP3, and it's all up to date as far as it can be. For a number of reasons I don't want to update this machine. Pentium D 930 runnning at 3422 Mhz , Asrock 775HDtvwins motherboard. Mixed SATA and PATA discs. Most everything else works just fine, except I have a very large...
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    Next Windows Search To Have PC-to-PC Search, Increased Speed

    Redmond (WA) - Microsoft has posted a handful of details about the new version of Windows Search, allowing users more control over finding documents and programs hidden in their hard drive. Next Windows Search To Have PC-to-PC Search, Increased Speed : Read more