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  1. N

    Question What is the best practice for servers migration via Gs RichCopy 360?

    I am migrating from windows server 2012 to windows server 2016 R2, I want to ask about copying all data and copying the updated data only. I am asking if I would do a Copy All to try and get the whole data and then to copy the updated data only just before the cut? Any help from the experts with...
  2. S

    Solved! Need a help to create a batch file

    1. A file copied/placed in a specific directory/folder in a remote windows machine (Windows server 2012 R2 Standard) 2. Check for any spaces in the file, if found, remove the space. 3. rename and save the file with .js on that path (specific directory/folder where it was copied/placed). 4. Copy...
  3. K

    Best hypervisor or cheap windows server software

    I just got a Dell tower server and want to run a few different vms on it. What is a good cheap supervisor, or does anyone know a cheap way to get windows server?
  4. Rafael Mestdag

    Windows Server 2016 vs Windows 10 (2)

    I have been tweaking and observing Windows Server 2016's performance in comparison to all Windows from 7 to 10 and after a bit of tweaking, and taking into account the fact that server Windows versions come basically stripped out of the box, the general performance of my Windows Server 2016 is...
  5. Rafael Mestdag

    Do Windows Server versions boost internet speed and stability?

    And also, are Windows server versions like 2016 like stripped versions of normal desktop Windows? Is that why they feel so much faster in general?
  6. Rafael Mestdag

    How do I activate Wireless on Windows Server 2016? [SOLVED]

    Out of curiosity I've installed Windows Server 2016, but even following instructions on how to activate Wireless connectivity using Shell I couldn't get it to work. I always got an error message in red inside Shell. How do i activate Wireless inside Windows Server 2016? It's the only way I can...
  7. P

    My Acer Notebook wont let me upgrade my windows to windows 10, it keeps telling to see my system administrator to updrade wind

    My Acer laptop wont let me upgrade my windows to windows 10 it keeps telling me to see my system administrator to upgrade windows server or enterprise edition
  8. M

    Running several VMs for school - storage config input wanted - NVMe vs SATA3?

    So for school I'm learning Windows Server, and I will be expected to run several VMs (up to 7, according to a prof) at once. I plan on getting a custom laptop from Sager, and adding in storage to make it work the best. I'm just not sure how I want to go about it. My laptop from the last two...
  9. T

    Solved! How can I make my program accessible on a Windows server by other end users

    The simplest is to put your application on a server, then map a workstation' drive to that location, and creating shortcut for the user to access this location. But if you want multiple users to work with same set of data (eg two users entering order details), you need to think about your...
  10. Y

    Teamviewer to remote Windows Server Essentials client?

    Hi! I would like to know if it is possible to use Teamviewer (free/private license) to remote to your desktop computer at work and from there login to the local domain on a Windows Server 2012/2016 Essentials profile which lacks native support for Remote Desktop Host Service/Session? If I...
  11. S

    If I delete Windows Server 2012 & 2016 trials from VMWare, does it reset the trial time?

    The trials for both Windows Server 2012 and 2016 last for 180 days. I've downloaded the iso images off Microsoft's website, but haven't tried them out yet. Right now I'm looking for an entry-level IT job and am probably not gonna take a Microsoft cert test within 180 days. I'd like to tinker...
  12. B

    Can't install Windows Server 2016

    Well. What the title says. Everytime I try to install Windows Server 2016 on a 165GB partition it won't let me, saying that the partition does not count with enough free space (even though it is 100% free space). I have 2 physical 465GB HDDs in my computer partitioned like this: DISK 1 -System...
  13. Lumia925

    Windows Server 2016 as a home PC operating system with no server functionality - is it possible?

    I'm typing this on a 6th gen i7 6870HQ laptop, 16 GB ram, 4GB GTX 950M, 1TB HDD, and 250GB SSD. It's running Windows 10 (home, not Pro). The minimum system requirements for Windows Server 2016 is exceeded by this computer, but I have a couple of questions:- 1> Where will I get the drivers from...
  14. K

    Cloud Server Options - Windows AD, Profiles, etc

    Hello everyone! My question today is a general question. I need your input on a best solution for a growing small business. Currently, there are 13 employees... all with macOS as the daily driver. I'm trying to change this but it seems a battle long-lost on the company. But... I am trying to...
  15. A

    windows server 2012 r2 Remote Registry switching logon account after any restart

    I have a windows server 2012 r2 standard edition, running Hyper-V running windows server 2012 r2 too.. The problem is that any time i do a restart to the server, the Remote Registry service change the logon account from "Local Service" to "Local System" while i want it to stay running with...
  16. firefoxx04

    Windows Server being brute forced.

    Hello, I have a server that is exposed to the internet. Currently only ports for remote desktop and FTPS are available from the outside. Sometimes I get someone trying to get onto my FTP. This is easily mitigated because their IP is logged and then I manually block it at the router. I have...
  17. berukashvili

    Laptop For Virtualization

    Hi guys ;) i want to buy leptop and do some little virtualization with windows server 2012r2 max 3 virtual machine . can laptop with i7 5500u processor and 8 gig ram do this work normally ? pls help me to choose its duacl core hyperthreaded wodnering that with 2 physical cit will be impossible...
  18. T

    Drive Pool vs Drive Bender

    Hi, I am about to set up a Windows Server, and owuld prefer to use on of the drive tools listed above, this is because I like the idea of only having certain folders duplicated. It would be great if I could get a good opinion from some people on which one I should use. I want to have two pools...
  19. Q

    Windows Sound Manager shows sound playing through speakers... volume mixer shows nothing

    I'm running Windows Server 2012 R2. It happened randomly. As the title says, windows sound manager shows the volume levels correctly but the volume mixer shows nothing. All other audio devices are disabled, I have restarted the Windows Audio service, restarted the machine, and checked the device...
  20. I

    Drive Cloning Software

    I have a couple OmniClone units that I use to clone failing hard drives. It works really well but it's very slow and old and I'm looking for a better solution. I looked at some software but it's hard to see if any of that will work for what I need without testing each one so I decided to reach...
  21. A

    remote access for Windows Server 2012

    Hello there, I have a dedicated Windows Server 2012 server, and I need remote access from a PC from a Mac OS X simultaneously. Today, I use Remote Desktop Connection on the Mac and TeamViewer on your PC. The problem is that the PC loses connection when Remote Desktop Connection is closed...
  22. C

    DLNA stream from Windows Server 2012?

    I personally have a windows server 2012 standard at my home. And I have Smart TV that is DLNA enable. I have an external hard drive connected to my wireless router so i can stream home videos and etc to my TV. But I want to eliminate that external hard drive and just stream from my server. Does...
  23. R

    microsoft office 2007 on windows server 2012

    can i run access 2007 and excel 2007 on windows server 2012
  24. mjmcdonagh1

    Hyper-V Setup VM in Powershell

    Hello, I should start this with "I am a complete Hyper-V beginner" because I am... I've setup Windows Server 2012 R2 Hyper-V on an HP MicroServer, and used this guide: to...
  25. J

    Recommend an AV solution for Windows Server

    Here is my situation: I am running server with Microsoft Windows 2008 R2. This machine provides Terminal Services and hosts an application that many in my company make daily use of. The application is a database driven financial services application that we wrote in house. What would be an...
  26. R

    Antivirus for windows server 2003 free download

    Help me I have windows server got virus,which one is good one for my windows server 2003
  27. G

    Free antivirus download for windows server 2003

    Free antivirus download for windows server
  28. S

    Backup Splitter

    Hello Friends I want Windows Server NTBACKUP file splitter software.i.e. I want write 16 GB backup file write into FOUR 4.5gbDVD.How to write? If any splitter software for divide Windows NTBACKUP file? Please help me
  29. G

    Proximity Sensor Access to Windows That Re-Uses Door Acces..

    Archived from groups:,, (More info?) Who makes a high quality door access control system with proxiity sensors / badge readers where the same badges that unlock doors can be used to...