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  1. KuroNT

    Solved! Fusion 5 Windows Tablet

    My tablet worked this morning. For some reason it won't boot anymore. I put it on charge then it wouldn't charge. I go to turn it on and won't boot. I try to hold the power button, etc. Nothing works, please help.
  2. C

    Looking for 10 inch Windows Tablet for PS2 and Gamecube Emulation

    Hello. I am trying to find a Windows tablet that is 10 inches or less in horizontal length that can handle PS2 and Gamecube emulation. As long as it can handle a majority of great games one those emulators the tablet should be serviceable. I do own the Surface Pro 2, but it is too long...
  3. M

    Intel i3/i5 tablet under 500$

    hi, Anyone knows a good windows i3/i5 tablet for under 500$ ? I'm looking for a tablet that meets my requirements: - a tablet form factor. - Intel i3/i5 based processor. - 4gb of ram, or more. - at least 32 gb of storage. - screen size 10" and more. - at least 1 full-size usb 3.0 port. -...