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  1. adkozak

    Question Netflix from laptop, wireless stereo sound

    Hi, I have what appears to be a quite unusual living room audio setup requirements. What I am trying to find: a pair of speakers for stereo sound the two speakers are connected wirelessly (don't want a cable across the whole room), one of them has access to ethernet socket I want to be able to...
  2. R

    Question KEF wireless surround speakers popping and crackling

    My KEF 5005.2 wireless surround speakers have recently started popping and crackling. Its a constant popping noise, irrespective of audio source or db level. Anyone else faced this issue and can suggest a solution? Thanks
  3. E

    Speaker that can play audio from TV remotely

    I want to put a speaker in my kitchen that plays the audio from my television, so that I don't have to keep the TV volume so loud when I'm not in the living room. What kind of speakers should I purchase, and is there a wireless option that would work with bluetooth? Thank you!
  4. M

    Play PC Sound over Wi-Fi

    Hey, Is there any way to play all PC Sound (from any software/game) over Wi-Fi to my speakers? Ideally, it would be cool if multiple devices could play through the setup as well. I hear bluetooth can be tinny, and that can be really abrasive to my ears, so I was hoping to find a better...