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  1. Ikrar Satyadharma

    Solved! Laptop won't charge after wet

    My Laptop Asus A456U got milk spilled on it while I was using it. The screen quickly went black and I instinctively turn it off. It was plugged on. The laptop turns on but it won't charge. I haven't tried using other charger or using the charger on other laptops cause currently there are no...
  2. M

    HP notebook won't boot or charge

    Model: HP Envy 14-1111nr notebook OS: Windows 7 Pro x64 Hi, Recently the main fan on my notebook failed. Thus, I found a new cooling assembly part on ebay, ordered it, and installed it. The installation process required the complete disassembly of the notebook. I followed a video guide for...
  3. M

    Samsung Galaxy S2 won't charge or turn on

    Yesterday I had my phone just fine, I didn't have good signal so I didn't use it much. It died around 4, and it was dead all day until i go home around 9. I plugged it in and it would not charge. I left it plugged in and woke up about 3 and checked, still nothing. I then took it apart and left...