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  1. A

    Word 2003 (replace damaged disc)

    Can anyone tell me if Word 2003 can be downloaded and used with an authentic key? My original disc is damaged and Windows 10 won't read it. I don't want to go to any of the fancied up new versions, I want to keep the tried and true 2003 version.
  2. tarmiricmi

    Word 2003 automatic page numbering

    Hello, is it somehow possible to set automatic page numbering in Word 2003, so that every document that is created is page-marked? I suspect something has to be changed in normal.dot template but don't know exactly how. Thanks.
  3. C

    Word tables help

    hey guys i need to create this chart like thing, it needs to be done in word 2003 or 2007 so compatibility mode is on.. It doesnt need to be chart, preferably some sort of table or something, any ideas
  4. T

    WORD 2003: how to add characters when the line is centered?

    I have a title to a page that is centered of course. But I want to add a sort of footnote off to the side in much a smaller text size. But I don't want to change the centered position of the title. Is this possible? I don't even know how to describe this...:)
  5. S

    Borderless printing in custom size

    Help! I have 5.5x8.5 photo cards that I used to be able to print borderless in Word 2003 but now that I've converted to Windows 7 with Word 2010 I can't print that size without white borders.....got any ideas?
  6. omermaras

    Installed both office 2003 & 2007 - long wait when changing

    hi folks, I have MS Office 2003 and 2007 installed on my system, prefer to work with 2003, but use 2007 to open docx files (instead of using the conversion tool of MS). However, whenever I try to open a docx file (that is, when I have to open Word 2007), a long process starts that changes all...
  7. M

    Mail Merge Recipients

    Hi I have a main Mail Merge Recipient list that I created within Word 2003. From this list can now create smaller list for people in certain areas to Mail Merge. Many thanks Matt Caney
  8. S

    Office 2003 +Printer Crash

    When trying to print from Word 2003 no print options appear and Word Freezes. Excel prints fine. Word 2003 used to be installed on its own before someone installed Office 2003 over it. I've tried a new print driver, uninstalling the individual Word installation, repairing and completing a...
  9. G

    Shortcut keys in Office Word 2003 are messed up!

    Hello, I have an MSI netbook with windows XP installed. I first noticed there was a problem with shortcut keys in office word 2003 (Greek edition): tried to do the Ctrl+Z action and did nothing. then I checked the shortcut keys from Tools-Customize-Keyboard and all shortcut keys were messed up...
  10. B

    Word 2003 repagination & modern CPU's

    Obscure question: Running in Windows XP, with only Word 2003 running, would a time-consuming repagination process execute faster on a multi-core CPU than on a single core CPU? Would cache size matter? In short, where repagination is concerned, can Word 2003 take advantage of modern CPU...
  11. P

    Placing text boxes in word 2003

    Hello, Is there a way to have word 2003 paste a copied text box exactly where you want it instead of always pasting it on top of the text box you copied? Thanks!
  12. C

    Headers Disappear in Word 2003

    Problems I am having with my Basic Edition Word 2003 with SP3: Problem 1: Intermittently lose headers while working. How I work in medical transcription: Start work software (VoiceScribe) and cannot have Word running before this starts. VS loads a temple in Word. In center of document (VS...
  13. A

    How reload Word

    Hello, My Word 2003 is almost FUBAR-ed. It will run in safe mode but will not open in normal mode. I get the "report it to Microsoft" message. "Detect and Repair" does not fix the problem. Is there a way to download a new Word 2003?
  14. D

    Word 2003 documents open in Publisher

    When I try to open a Word 2003 document, it automatically opens Publisher and converts it, unless I open Word first and use the 'open' from the file option. Why?