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  1. C

    How to search an exact phrase in Word 2013?

    Hello, Is there any way to search in Word 2013 for an exact phrase? If I have a document containing "Room 100, Room 101 and Room 10", how do I search for "Room 10" so my result would be ONLY "Room 10", without the other words containing it (Room 100, 101) Thank you in advance, Cristina
  2. Cathroad

    Word 2013 Error "The visual basic environment cannot be initialized"

    When I open Word I get this VB hasn't initialized error. In details is says it can be caused by lack of RAM or HDD space which I have plenty of. I have deleted normal.dotm with no luck. And I couldn't find VBE7.dll on my system anywhere. Specs: Windows 10 Home Core i5 4670K Asus R9 270X 16 GB...
  3. D

    How to change table size in word 2013

    I can't figure out how to change the table settings so that it goes the full length of the page. I managed to do it once and it turned a 23 page document into a 13 page one but I can't remember how I did it and when i try to edit the other it starts to shorten the tables for each page again...