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  1. M

    hello i want to create a social network

    hello peole can you help me with create a social network .... till now i was using wordpress but i dont know if is good enough to create website like social media .... all i want its to create a website like that link removed by Moderator.
  2. S

    Using Wordpress on Xampp Local Server From Different PC?

    Hello. I hope this is the right discussion for this and someone can help me. I have been using "Xampp" program to launch a local server to build websites on wordpress. Recently i had to wipe out the laptop that i was using it on so i could sell it.. but i did not backup all my files because i...
  3. G

    Solved! Wordpress review help

    Just want to know what people opinions are on Wordpress, it says that 27% of all websites are mode up of wordpress and I just to know if its any good for a simple webiste for a first time website maker for just reviewing things mobile related? I'd be looking at the personal package.
  4. ImPrettyIrish

    Help with Wordpress

    Hello, I am making a website and I have ran into a little problem. (The website is www.cttsnd.com) The problem is that on the bottom of the page I would like it to have your address, not just our name. If anyone knows please help me :) Thanks, -Carter
  5. F

    Use wordpress to build my online store

    Hello everybody I am currently thinking to create an online bog-forum using WordPress and in the future i am thinking to expand this website and include also a store. I will start building this website using WordPress because it's fast and easy. In the future that i want i will most probably...
  6. W

    Tracking user's geo location from Wordpress blog

    On a Wordpress blog, Is there a way to check where comments are originating from (geographic location)? I am not the blog owner so I can't get the IP address. I have a suspicion that there's a spammer using multiple handles who is trolling. I believe I can confirm this by seeing where these...
  7. O

    CryptoPHP Trojan Removal

    Looking for insight from anyone experienced with CryptoPHP malware infections. I made the mistake of trusting a legitimate looking site that claimed to be a third-party designer offering their own collection of original WordPress themes. Being a freelance designer, I'm always scouring such sites...
  8. C

    Google Blogger vs Wordpress?

    Which one is the best for blogging? I will be making a game blog and a little bit about the techology. Does someone have any good blog site. I havent made a blog but Im very good with PC's
  9. A

    New to here..

    Hi Everyone, I am new in this forum. want to know more about Wordpress Signature....
  10. A

    restoring sql db for wordpress from xamp backup

    good morning everyone, So i have been building a wordpress website for a client, using xamp to build it offline. Unfortunately my computer died on me, so i am unable to export an sql file from phpmyadmin as I normally would. I have managed to recover the full xamp install folder from the...
  11. C

    Preventing Access to HTML Code in WordPress

    I have a wordpress site on which I am putting an embedded Google spreadsheet behind password protection. I only want the embedded spreadsheet to be viewable and accessible be people with an account and password, and I also don't want to be able to link to it. Is there a way to format the...
  12. A

    Why wont drop down menu open

    Hello, I'm having a problem opening up a drop down menu. For example, trying to get my credit card expiration date in. I click on the down arrow and nothing happens so I can enter the month. It does this when I try replying on wordpress too. Whenever I click on an arrow for a drop down menu...
  13. JMcEntegart

    WordPress Hit By Massive DDoS Attacks

    WordPress has spent the last two days battling crippling DDoS attacks that have resulted in disrupted service for the company’s 18 million blogs as well as the higher profile blogs that count themselves as part of WordPress’s VIP network... WordPress Hit By Massive DDoS Attacks : Read more