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  1. D

    Undetectable virus on my computer?

    Hi Today while in discord I encountered an error where things started being typed in my chat section and entered, random digits, and started spamming the chat. Some of the links were to a final fantasy achievement, http://xivdb.com/achievement/2107/ultimatum , and other random characters at...
  2. Jeffery414

    Can't remove virus

    I'm not completely sure if this is even a virus or not, but there's an application on my PC named "Bywater.exe". I've tried to do research on it and there are no results. At first random ads/commercials would run in the background (I could only here audio) and sometimes a weird looking white...
  3. R

    Please help with cleaning W32-Tapin infection from external HDD and USB flash drive

    Hello everyone, My new laptop (ASUS A555LF X409T i3 version) with windows 10 Home edition got infected with W32-Tapin Worm (Diagnosed by Avira) I believe that it got infected with W32-Tapin worm while I was copying data from my old laptop’s HDD – I had used the old laptop’s HDD (as an external...
  4. doohbacles

    Removing Shortcut Virus From PC

    Hello everyone, i got this 'shortcut virus' problem at my office.It started when they plug in to everyone PC's without scanning or checking before open it up.Now the virus has spread around my office. The question is, does anyone know how to remove it from PC?How to find it? Im glad if u guys...
  5. H

    WORM drives vs Ransomware

    Hi first post. If you perform your backups to a Write Once Read Many (WORM) drive would that prohibit Ransomware from propagating to your backups?
  6. M

    Hitman Pro marking normal files as infected.

    Hey there people. Sometime ago, my PC was infected with Ground.exe virus which made .exe(s) with a prefix of "g" . For example, if I ran Photoshop.exe, then it would create a gPhotoshop.exe in the same directory and make this .exe a system hidden file. Today, I un-hide all the system files and...
  7. lights0123

    Conficker and vobfus at the same time

    I was just working on my computer when my AV (Avira) popped up with: I investigated it, and I noticed those two files. I checked for other instances of it, but I didn't find anything. Also, I noticed that the autorun.inf in there was 57KB, but didn't really notice it. 15 seconds later, my AV...
  8. Rayven2

    Virus, Worm, Malware Database

    Hey everyone, So, is their such a thing? It would be real handy to find a website that gives me details on the latest viruses, worms etc. Information ranging from when it appeared, how much damage it's caused, circulation and so forth. A few Google searches didn't help me other then top 10...
  9. M

    Safest OS and Anti-virus combination?

    Hello tom'sHardware community, I am thinking about making a separate super-secure netbook/laptop for financial transactions (mostly just because I am a little paranoid, and also just for fun). So I came up with these question: Which operating system (Linux/Unix distributions, OS X, Win 8...
  10. I

    Shortcut Virus (Creates .ink in USBs), Disabled msconfig, CCleaner, System Restore. Tried EVERYTHING, help!!!

    Hello guys! TL;DR: an USB pendrive infected me, now it creates shortcuts on usbs, also msconfig, regedit, system restore, and everything related is disabled. halp. 2 days ago, a friend of mine wanted to show me a video he was working on, so he proceeds to insert his USB pendrive, when i open...
  11. L

    Do Avast and malwarebytes work together?

    Can I have both Avast and Malwarebytes installed at once? I read that they can work together. Like one is the real time Virus scanner and the other gets rid of the other stuff? Can you please explain?
  12. G

    How to worm.autorun.ahko.n3 ?

    Every time i install any game, this pop up message comes (in the screen shot). it shows that the file has been repaired but its actually not, i keep on getting this pop message while installing Resident Evil 5 (and was unable to install it).
  13. C

    Trojans And Worms

    There are some viruses in my Pc which keep coming back - Trojan:Win32/neurevt.ab Worm:Win32/dorkbot. TrojanClicker:win32/Gingplog.a VirTool:win32/INJECTOR.GEN!DD Trojan:Win32/Lethic.B and Lethic.I Trojan:Win32/anaki.a and many more And the keep coming back Aand the worst thing - it has...
  14. G

    Computer Worms: What They Are and How to Stop Them

    We hear a lot about viruses and Trojans, but not much about worms. What exactly is a computer worm, what does it do and how can you protect yourself from one? Computer Worms: What They Are and How to Stop Them : Read more
  15. G

    Linksys Routers Targeted by Mysterious New Worm

    That's no moon — it's TheMoon, a newly discovered, and easily preventable, worm that infects Linksys routers. Linksys Routers Targeted by Mysterious New Worm : Read more
  16. G

    Cryptolocker Ransomware Evolves to Spread on Its Own

    Cryptolocker, which holds hard drives hostage, is now a worm – it can spread among computers without relying on humans. Cryptolocker Ransomware Evolves to Spread on Its Own : Read more
  17. S

    fix card error problem

    Hello, card error or possible worm caused the loss of a video of daughter. Not sure how to handle this.
  18. S

    card error and possible worm

    Sir how do I get my video back now? Pictures are in tack. Lost a video of my daughter in a performance.
  19. G

    Skype Worm problem

    Recently my friend was infected with a skype worm that started to send links to everyone in his contact list which downloads a file if you click on it. This file causes your computer to become infected with the same skype worm. I stupidly clicked that link that my friend posted, but I...
  20. theFriendlyWaffle

    Worm Removal

    Hello I'm a PC Technician/Software Developer for a company. Someone recently brought in a laptop that was infected like crazy with worms and rootkits. Now I'm not sure if the worm is still there, but every time any virus scanner reaches clb.dll in c:\windows\system32\ the computer locks up. Now...
  21. 44surf


    Microsoft Security Security essentials indicated that my desktop was infected with worm:win32/gamarue.B. It said it was removed, but the task manager showed it as running. I ended the task and I am running a full system virus scan. It seems that the worm first infected the computer on 12/5...
  22. exfileme

    New Worm Tries To Delete Your Security Software

    A new email-based worm is sweeping the Internet. New Worm Tries To Delete Your Security Software : Read more
  23. ginnai

    Yahoo email worm

    Hi all, Hopefully this is the right forum, I was curious if anyone has any experience with a Yahoo email worm. An email was still in my sent folder after I was told about a weird email from a contact, so I assume this is a worm and not a spoofing incident... also that it was still in my sent...
  24. exfileme

    SanDisk WORM Stores Your Mug for 100 Years

    Japan will be the first to use SanDisk's SD WORM for forensic image archiving. SanDisk WORM Stores Your Mug for 100 Years : Read more
  25. exfileme

    Facebook Worm Sends Users to Porn

    Facebook is infected with a porn worm, and apparently it's spreading rather quick. Facebook Worm Sends Users to Porn : Read more
  26. J

    Norton worm protection

    Don't know what happened but nothiong came through for me I had asked what can be done to remeve inactive norton internet worm protection this is showing up as a problem on my p.c.
  27. Lavarin

    Win32.Brontok Symptoms?

    Whoops! I accidentally opened an attachment with my anti-virus off :fou: Anyways, the attachment came with a message containing "Win32.Brontok" in the text. Just wondering, what are the symptoms of this apparent worm? :sweat:
  28. r_manic

    Conficker: What is It? How do I Remove It?

    Hi guys, I just realized that a lot of computers are still infected by the worm, so I made this short guide to help anyone out. Suggestions, comments, and corrections welcome! What is Conficker? Conficker is a computer worm that targets Windows, and currently (as of April 21, 2009) infects the...
  29. exfileme

    Conficker: Media Spinning April 1 Date

    With over ten million PCs infected with the Conficker worm, lying dormant as if awaiting further instructions, it seems as if its author plans to take over the world on April 1... not. Conficker: Media Spinning April 1 Date : Read more
  30. exfileme

    Downadup/Conflicker Worm Becoming an Epidemic

    The Downadup worm is striking back, and its assault has affected 10 million PCs this week alone. Downadup/Conflicker Worm Becoming an Epidemic : Read more
  31. exfileme

    Internet Worm Attacks Windows...Again

    Because Windows has more holes than a slab of Swiss cheese, another worm has found its way down into the warm, gooey center. Internet Worm Attacks Windows...Again : Read more