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  1. CharlesMG

    Solved! Docking station for two 2K monitors at 144Hz refresh rate?

    Hi, I am after a docking station which would allow my XPS13 7390 2in1 to power a dual monitor setup where each monitor is running 2K (2560x1440 or also known as QHD) at 144hz refresh rate. One of the candidates is the Dell Universal Dock - D6000. However, the sales team cannot confirm and the...
  2. H

    Upgrade MSI 15.6" LCD to WQHD 2880x1620

    I'm looking to purchase a replacement screen for my MSI Whitebook (937-16F454-018), and would like to upgrade to the 15.6" 2880x1620 WQHD IPS over the standard 1080HD. Does anyone know of the screen P/N, somewhere I could purchase it, or somewhere that would upgrade my existing hardware? I'd...