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    My Number On Skype

    When all of my friends try to call me, it asks if they want to call my Phone Number, or my Skype. I want to know how to remove it from my skype completely, and I wanna know why skype is allowing people to see my number at all! I don't have my number connected to my skype and I DONT WANT PEOPLE...
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    Strange 20 Letter/number folder in D:\

    Hello, some days ago i discovered a strange folder in partcion D named ˇ21401ddfd05c58f5449fˇ I do not remember when it appeared but when i want to enter it, it says that "I dont currently have access to the folder" and requires admin permission, can anyone tell the hell is this?. I scanned my...
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    LOW FPS on recent laptop

    Hello all, My apologies if this has been answered before but I couldn't find anything that suits me. I bought a laptop a couple of months ago, a not so bad one I would say, and im having difficulties to run a old game such as GUNZ... I have low fps sometimes depending of the rendering of the...