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  1. voiidwulf

    Rendered videos twice as long. (VirtualDub)

    When I attempt to save a video in VirtualDub the rendered file is twice as long as it should be. After the actual video ends it just shows a frozen frame. I am using Xvid and Lame MP3. Here is an example with Minecraft: http://youtu.be/4NMBQ3KPLw8 (Ignore mediocre video quality. It is just a...
  2. auntarie

    Converting xvid to dvd-r

    Hi there, I need some help with this. I want to convert the xvid episodes of a certain series into dvd-r so that I can watch them on my DVD player with included subtitles. Right now if I burn the episodes to a DVD they show up without subtitles, you know how it is. I have all the needed files...
  3. sturm

    xvid to dvd converter

    Have a bunch of xvid movies that want to convert to dvd format for burning. Done the google search and found some that work but their shareware or put their info right in the middle of your movie. I know i am being cheap, but does anyone know of a free program that will convert xvid to dvd...
  4. M

    Xvid Player

    Can anybody suggest me a player for Xvid videos? I have recently downloaded a movie but I cannot view it. Windows media only gives me the sound, and same for other players. Thank you.