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    Solved! URGENT! Legion laptop only the game lags

    Hello there. I have a legion Y520. My laptop performs awesome in the day to day tasks, but when I start the game, the game started lagging. As soon as I open any games. I could feel the frames is been dropped. I tried playing the games in really low graphics, it was just the same. but the games...
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    Legion Y520-15IKBN sudden performance drop! *HELP*

    Hello everyone! So I have had my gaming laptop Legion Y520-15IKBN for just over a year now. So far my gaming experience was perfect but suddenly my FPS has majorly dropped overnight for no reason... Re-installing my graphic drivers and updating any of them hasn't helped me. My GPU GTX 1050ti...
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    Solved! Is there any laptop web store that allows monthly payment for non-us citizens?

    Hello! I know this might not be the right forum for this to be asked, but i don't know any other forum. I'm sorry. I wanted to know if there is any online store that has the option to apply for monthly payments for non-us citizens. I'm asking because I recently bought a laptop on amazon that...
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    Lenovo Legion Y520 - Low FPS While Streaming on Twitch

    I don't know if this is the right place to post for help, but here's my situation. I got this laptop a week ago, and I want to stream League of Legends on Twitch, but no matter what settings I try to tweak in OBS, the performance of the laptop is very low and the FPS in game while streaming is...