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    HP ZBook vs. EliteBook laptops

    To my understanding, the HP ZBook is a higher quality iteration of the HP EliteBook. Taking a look at the HP ZBook 15u, however, you can see that it's shockingly similar to the HP EliteBook 850 of the same generation. I'm looking at a used HP EliteBook 850 G2 and an HP ZBook 15u G2, with almost...
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    HP ZBook Keyboard pressing random keys if two or more specific keys pressed.

    This is an odd issue that I have not found anyone else having. I am not sure as to the cause of it. Basically, when I press certain pairs of keys, the computer acts as though another key is being pressed as well. Some examples: q+s: qws w+d: wed r+y: ryu k+u: kui l+i: lio There are others...
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    HP Zbook 15 G2 Laptop shipped with no box?

    Is this normal for a brand new, customized, HP Zbook 15 G2 laptop (shipped from China)? No box packaging. Laptop literally was sitting in the shipping box. Maybe I am out of the loop, but I've never seen this before. HPZbook 15 G2 Pic