£85 to buy analogue stereo headset and 7.1 mix amp


Sep 19, 2012
Honestly guys, when it comes to headsets im looking for a really comfy set of cans that i can rely on not to break, obviously i want good sound quality but having never owned a decent pair of headphones before i doubt ill even notice the improvement, currently im rocking out the sennheiser omx 180 in ear's that cost me about £30 but the right ear has died on me and so now im looking for a replacement.

If one of you guys out there knows of the best stereo headset and 7.1 mix amp that i can afford then please help me.

Having a 7.1 headset was not so important to me when i first got my omx 180's but now that ive built a pretty mid-high end gaming pc i think that the addition of 7.1 will really make the game much more immersive and give me that tactical edge.

recommendations from all are appreciated :)
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