Question “Entering Power Save” Possibly not software!

Dec 5, 2020
Acer issues :

Within about 4 seconds, Screen goes black, shuts down, then “Entering Power Save” message pops up before disappearing again.

Acer V5-571 series, Acer Aspire V5-571-323b8G1TMass, model number MS2361
Intel® Core™ i3-2365M Processor (3M Cache, 1.40 GHz), 8GB Ram, Windows 10 64 bit operating system

I noticed the bottom of my laptop getting hot a while back so I stuck some pencils under it to let the air flow!!!

More recently it would in under 4 seconds suddenly shut down ( with a gentle click of what sounds like the harddrive spinning down ), screen goes black, then message appears “Entering Power Save”

I would turn it back on but this happened about 3 times in one afternoon the other day so i decided something was up. I stopped using the machine in case I would damage it.

I would normally never turn off the machine and it would stay on days at a time.

The conclusion I came to at the time was overheating due to a dusty fan / intake. The settings Plugged In, turn off … after 15 mins etc was already set to Never as the main battery is dead ) so I followed a youtube guide of someone taking the laptop apart and cleaning the fan.

The fan was very dusty and the intake end was full of dust buildup about 10 mm deep. I put everything back together and with fingers crossed pressed the power button. It booted up and ran, stayed running for hours. The heat that was there before had disappeared.

I was relieved to say the least.

Then it started happening again. So I turned it back to double checked the Power Plan was Balanced. Turned everything I could find to Never. In advanced settings, I found some new ones that it seems i had not done before eg “Turnoff hard disk” - Never, “usb settings” - Disabled,. It's possible I may have missed some tho. Not sure any of these settings are the cause.

1 thing of note is that it can now sit idle or just browsing web use for over 5 hours and whilst still idle just turn itself off a few hours later. Sometimes it turns itself off after an hour in use. Use is very light, browsing the internet, viewing photos in default windows app. The trouble is now that all i can use it for as i can risk working on anything meaningful and loosing the work as i get no waning of a shut down.

Ive no idea what wrong or how to fix it but the internet suggests it could be the main board battery, if so ive no idea where that is or where to buy a replacement. Even though the machine is several years old, ive had to replace the screen and the keyboard and main battery have gone i dont think its this but i don't know.

Ive also run “Intel® Processor Diagnostic Tool” and everything passed.

CPU use just using chrome seems to be 50% and under.

Is it hardware?
Is it software?
What diagnostics can i run for each?
If something has burnt out can i replace/fix it?
If I need to replace the motherboard what are the details listed above enough and where is the best place to buy?
What can I transfer over appart from ram?
What board should I buy?
If its the processor can i by another if so what and where?
Am I asking all the wrong questions?

Help. i haven't a clue what i'm doing :)

The title of the youtube vid i watched is "Repair Acer Aspire V5 571G 531 Disassembly Cleaning Fan Change HDD Keyboard”

At 6:30 ( time stamped vid below so it should play at that spot ) I was worried about this W-lan ( indicated in video as 2 ) as the connectors were fiddly and needed a little persuasion but everything else seemed to seat well, hopefully.
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