Question $1,500 recommendation, please


What, in your estimation, is the best quadrotor drone under $1,500 USD?

Primarily a flying camera platform, not a racing or FPV thing.

Only qualification - NOT DJI.

Which ones, and why?


The specs for these seem fairly impressive and not locked like some, it seems. I know next to nothing about these, but will gladly come watch you fly yours.

hahahaha....that EVO Lite is #1 on my short list. Currently, the #2 is the EVO Nano.

Here, I can't have a DJI, due to the aggressive geofencing.
To go take a pic of the roof on my house, I'd have to get auth from the airport, the airbase, and the mothership in China.
Screw that.

After the demise of Cyclops and his 2 broken arms, Cyclops II, the HS720G.
It takes great video, with the 2 axis gimbal. But the overall flight characteristics are a bit twitchy.

I may keep it, or gift it to the grandkids.

But still looking for a 'good one'.
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