1.7GHz Intel Core i5 dual core (i5-4210U)


Dec 20, 2014
Im buying HP Pavilion 17.3" LED Intel Core i5, 8GB RAM 1TB HDD Windows 8.1 Laptop with Microsoft Office 365 and Lifetime Support
am I doing the right choice?


Yes, the CPU determines how powerful the PC or laptop is. RAM generally determines how many programs you can have open at one time and how large the files used in those programs before running out of memory which can cause the laptop to crash. The hard drive is basically storage, the larger the hard drive the more data / files can be stored on the laptop; like more pictures, music files and video files.

The Core i5-4210u will be more than adequate for what you plan on doing. For most people 4GB of RAM is plenty, but you can always add in another 4GB later on for a total of 8GB if necessary. A 1TB hard drive is plenty of storage; just keep in mind that any files that you consider very important should be backup onto DVDs or also stored on an external hard drive just in case the hard drive fails.

The Intel HD 4400 is decent enough to play games that are not very graphic intensive. Facebook games are pretty easy on graphic requirements.

There are many programs you can use to keep your laptop "clean". CCleaner basically helps you delete files that Windows creates which are temporary and also temporary files created by your internet browser as you surf the web. However, it is not an anti-virus program. There are many antivirus programs you can use that are free. Avast is a good example there is a free version and a paid version. I use the free version.


Dec 20, 2014

thank you for your reply. it is for basic work and eventually some games in facebook. I m not sure, but what makes a faster ocmputer is the processor right? memory 8gb just means having more space, and hard drive 1 tb ?
and I would like to know what should I do to keep the computer "clean" , should I run the ccleaner?
thanks for the help


Jul 3, 2014

it is difficult to explain but i will try my best.. for your type of work, it will do fine. what i meant by games is the really system intensive ones like battlefield 4, Crysis 3, and metro last light. for Facebook games it will do fine. now, what makes the computer run faster, below i will compare each item in the computer to something anyone would know

1. the CPU or central processing unit is like the brain of your computer. it runs all the calculations that your system needs. it does effect the performance, but not much compared to another part. an i5 is a fantastic cpu for gaming, so for light work, it will do just fine.

2. the ram or random access memory is like the computer's short term memory. it sores anything it needs to do right now, like if you minimize a browser tab, the ram has to remember everything from what page, to where on the page. once the page has been deleted or "x" ed out, it is erased from the memory. unfortunately, once the computer is turned off, anything in the ram gets deleted. 8 GB of ram is a great point to be.

3. the HDD or hard disk drive is the computer's long term storage. it basically holds all your files and programs . unlike ram however, it does hold everything once the computer is turned off. 1 TB means 1024 GB of memory. it is a good size.

4. The GPU or graphics proccesing unit is the most important in terms of performance. it is responsible for taking everything the CPU is doing, and displays it on the screen. since you have a laptop, you have what is known as an iGPU.
iGPU stands for integrated GPU. that means that the GPU and CPU are on the same "processor". it is most likely listed as intel hd graphics.

for keeping it clean, get an antivirus like AVAST (google it)). it is the best free antivirus out there.

all in all, for want you want to do, this machine will do it. good luck!
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