10 Hottest TVs for 2014

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May 4, 2015
The future TV technology is panel - free display. I am really impressed with HISENSE 100-inch laser cinema HD TV. The company is currently working on ptical engine with a 0.24 throw ratio -- that's a 100-inch Full HD image from just 1.7 inches.

I think that the introduction and mass production of Laser TV projectors will signal the death of LCD and plasma panel TVs. The most important advantage of Laser TV projector is significantly lower energy consumption than equivalent size LCD or plasma TV but also the lower price, incredibly bright , intense colours and longer life. Sony has released a 4K Laser TV projector however the $40,000 price is ridiculous.Samsung, LG and Mitsubishi are focusing too much on OLED, USHD and curved TV instead embracing the world of panel-free laser displays ASAP.

I wonder whether LG Hecto Laser TV have been discontinued due to fear that customers will abandon the LCD and plasma TV in favour of the new technology.

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