12 years old Creative Labs Sound Blaster live , is it worth placing it in a new rig ?


May 6, 2014
I have z97-P Asus MBO , do you think I will have better quality sound with/without surround sound with the sound card stated in the title ?


May 18, 2015
The audio solution of todays motherboards are really good, compared to old days. I have an old SoundBlaster X-Fi and I am not using it. The difference is not big. I can hear a very small noise if I tune up the boxes and don't play any music. The most differences are driver issues with the SoundBlaster, as I am using Linux system. The sound quality is good on both, motherboard and Soundcard. And I am not sure, if there is a working and up to date driver for the Soundcard model you have on current Windows system.

After checking your mainboard, I can say, don't install your old soundcard. Your motherboard have a good audio solution, like mine.
> http://www.bit-tech.net/hardware/motherboards/2014/04/28/asus-z97-motherboards-preview/2
I would use the motherboard audio, unless you experience some problems with it or need really high definition audio. Only then buy a new soundcard. Also I would recommend to buy better speakers, if you are really want high definition audio.


Aug 18, 2013
Try it out and see for yourself. More than likely your onboard surround sound/audio quality will be better than that 12 year old sound card. Worst case is you'll have to uninstall it.


try it, but you may have driver issues with an old sound card. probably not officially suported in newer versions of windows. If you hear any hissing or white noise from your onboard, then the soundcard may be a solution. Onboard sound can often be contaminated by electrical interference from other components where sound cards generally do not.


May 6, 2014

model is CT4780

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