$1300 dollar gaming laptop


Aug 27, 2012
Hi guys thanks for stopping by , so i have a friend of my brothers who was mainly a console gamer but my rig has sold him on the

idea of PC gaming , although, he isn't willing get a desktop he wants a Laptop that he can carry around... fair enough. So the

games i'm bench marking this laptop against will be Planet Side 2 , BF3 . I would like a laptop that can deal with these two from

mid to high graphic settings and a bit future proof... i've tried searching but for one but there's not much detail regarding laptop

graphic cards. Or i've probably been looking in the wrong places.

Anyway thanks for taking time to answer..



Dec 1, 2010
Keep in mind that

- CPU and graphics card are not upgradeable (99% of cases).
- laptop will get hot and maybe noisy when running games.
- mobile CPU and graphics have lower performance compared to equivalent desktop model.

I do have a laptop with i7 and AMD 6990M. When running Diablo 3, gets hot and fan is really loud.

In summary, laptops are not ideal for games.


Dec 6, 2011
I just purchased an Alienware M14x r2 with an i7 3610qm, 500gb HD, 6GB ram, and a Nvidia gt 650 1gb. It has a 14 inch screen with a 1600X900 resolution. I got it for $1300 actually so it'd fit your budget well. Now i will admit that alienwares are a tad over priced but imo they're worth it. The build quality is the best of any laptop I've owned, they look freaking cool, and the battery life is amazing on them. For me it a great college laptop that can game. Only thing I dont like is the thing gets loud playing bf3, although I've never seen temps above 75c which isnt too bad (that is during a BF3 match). Its plays BF3 quite well along with any other game I've tried on it.