1545 just went black ..stayed like it ..told it was harddrive fault


Oct 11, 2012
:( I was using laptop and it suddenly said it was shutting down, however windows couldnt restart and it stayed the same. I took it to local repair shop and they took out battery for 30 seconds and put it back in. It still didnt start and was half dead. A black screen. I have had various things mentioned like a hard drive fault or less likey a virus.
What do you think....Its only 15 months old ..are hard drive faults common and are they expensive?

if the hard drive failed it would post (give you the vendor logo on the lcd screen). then a message no boot device found. if the hd was bad did the local shop put one in it takes less then 5 min to drop a new drive into most new laptops. sounds like two things could have happened. the first is the led/lcd backlight went bad on the lcd. try hooking the laptop up to a monitor and hit the one of the f keys to have it use the back video port. if it is the lcd backlight could be one of the small boards (inverter) or the lcd. trhe other if it was not a normal shutdown..(overheat issue). you may have to reset the laptop/cmos. some laptops it can be the power switch and a set of keys or taking out the battery and ac power and shorting the cmos out on the bottom of the laptop. with laptops check the power pin and the ac brick. if the pin is lose/broken or the ac bick wires twisted real bad. the laptop wont run on ac power...after 12 months any battery can go bad. where it looks like it cragering/holding a charge but does not.