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Oct 30, 2019
My Bose system speakers work. I have 4 small speakers and 2 larger speakers that would be used in a different location along with the base tube. It is an A and B type system. How can I use this system hooked up to my smart TV.


Oct 30, 2019
1973 eh? What kind of connections does it have? By A & B, so you mean those old fashion dual wire connections? No 3.5 jack or RCA connector? I think you are going to need an adapter, speaker wire to RCA, which your TV should have, or 3.5 to RCA if it DOES have 3.5.
To use the Bose speakers without the main unit that the system came with you will need an AV receiver plus either an additional amp for the sub or a self powered subwoofer.
To use the entire system with the main unit depends on the TV. If the TV has analog audio or headphone output then you will just need a cable. If the TV has digital audio output (coax or optical) you will need a digital to analog converter and cables to connect it to the TV and the Bose.
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