Solved! 1x4 splitter and audio setup

Jan 21, 2019
Hope someone can help.
I have 4 televisions on a 1x4 splitter 4K HDMI. two of them are 4k only. No problem at all with the video. I have the xfinity cable box split to the splitter directly.
I have an Onkyo 9.2 787 with many 2.2 HDMI's.
Help me to connect. When connecting directly to the splitter sound in everything except the projector. I have opticals connected to all but the projector since it has nothing for audio except HDMI. When I connect to the av receiver first and then the splitter I have sound from the projector and not the other tv's.
Could someone diagram a setup for me please?

If you connect the box to the receiver and the receiver to the splitter you should get no sound from any of the displays. Only from the AV system. Check the receiver settings.
Another option would be to replace the splitter with one that has audio extraction. The splitter sends 5.1 audio out to the receiver with optical or coax digital and two channel audio via HDMI to the displays if you need that.
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