2.1 Speaker Only Plays Left Channel On Both Sides


May 8, 2014
sounds from left channel plays on both left and right speakers. but when i play sounds for the right channel, nothing plays. at first i thought it was my driver for on my PC but then i tried the stereo test on my phone and it was the same. i don't think the right speaker is dead as it still plays.

i suspect maybe short on the channels or i don't know. any help would be appreciated.
also in the past, i can fix it by fiddling with the volume control/wheel. for some reason i get the right channel if i press the volume wheel or put it on a certain volume.


Mar 1, 2014
what speakers are you using and what laptop do you have. If you can fix it by fiddling with the volume control then maybe the volume control knob is broken and needs replacing


May 8, 2014

i have an X-210 from logitech and i have a desktop.
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