2.1 speaker system w/ subwoofer on a budget

Jordan Skinner

Apr 28, 2014
Looking to replace my current speaker set up which is just a £20 portable speaker I got off Amazon months ago with something louder and bassier and generally better. Being a student I do do have a budget which is around £60 but can be stretched if need be. I'll be primarily listening to jungle/reggae/dnb/garage/grime on them.

So far I've been looking at the Logitech Z333 speaker system, as well as the Microlabs Fc360 Speakers. Any advice on these two systems, or any other recommendations you could offer will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


Going by the general Logitech quality and how the product design looks for the drivers build, the Z-333 should be pretty good for your music. The THX certified Logtech speakers are excellent and would sound better but are also a bit out of your budget. Z‑623 are the ones. Almost double the Z-333 price but since you will likely be using the speakers for 10+ years, it would be worth it for a known quality set that is a step or two over what you want to get now. And you can probably find a used set in good shape for not a lot.
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