Question 2.1 speaker with 2 channel amp board

Dec 11, 2018

I'm currently in the process of making a boom box style speaker and the aim was to use two full range speakers and then a sub. The amp board I have is the dayton audio 2x50w KAB board, with 2x dayton RS100-4ohm 30w speakers. The sub I would like to include is Peerless 4ohm 50w sub into this somehow, but what would be the best way?

Also im happy to run it on mains power over battery if it meant using a sub.

Would it be better to hook it up to my Dayton drivers in parallel/series or to use an extra amp board specifically for the sub, bearing in mind this would all be integrated.

Currently on my Dayton amp board, I have one 3 pin slot available referred to as a future expansion on the wiring diagram and I was thinking this might be a way to connect it to another ampit as well as a low pass filter sub pre amp module.

If this way is possible, would bluetooth still work for all 3 speakers? As the Dayton KAB amp comes with an integrated 4.0 bluetooth module but im not sure if this could be then sent through to the sub if it was on another amp.

And would I still be able to use one power supply?

Here is a link to my amp, followed by what I was considering getting and thanks for your help in advance

1Pc DC 10V-25V Low Pass Filter Bass Tone Subwoofer Volume Control Preamp Board, 2.1 Channel Bass Tone Subwoofer Pre-Amplifier Preamp Board
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