2.1 speakers for $40-100

March Hare

Oct 10, 2012

I'm looking for advice on a computer 2.1 setup, keeping all the following in mind:

  • ■I listen to music, watch videos, and play games roughly equally.
    ■The two speakers and I will form an equilateral triangle with ~24" sides. The desk is in the corner of a very open room in my apartment.
    ■Crisp bass is important but I'm willing to fiddle with subwoofer position and equalization to get there.
    If anything I value highs over mids. If anything.
    ■A headphone jack would be nice.
    ■A bass knob would also be nice but that's not of much concern.
    ■I have no need for aux input or media player docks whatsoever.
    ■I don't want the best speakers within the $40-100 range, per se; I want the best value within that range. I don't plan on spending $100 unless it's a really great deal.