2 speakers to 1 channel

If this is a solid state amp and it is rated for the same power into 4 & 8 ohms then it will not be able to supply the full power that the speakers can take (100 watts). The amount of current the amp can produce will be limited so it won't blow a fuse, go into protection, or blow up.
Higher quality amps will double their power when the impedance is halved. Better to use both channels if possible. If you want the speakers to play the same then just use a Y connector to feed the same input to both channels.


Speaker wattage is a maximum input rating, not an output rating. The maximum for each speaker doesn't change. The bigger problem can be that the two speakers in parallel may be to low an impedance for the amp. Amplifiers are specified for a MINIMUM impedance. Two 8ohm speakers in parallel equal a 4ohm load to the amplifier. Too low an impedance will burn up an amp.

Max van Andel

Jan 31, 2016
i got a 2x50 watt amplifier(4-8Ω). I want to connect 2 50w speakers (8Ω) to 1 channel. 8Ω : 2 = 4Ω. So that will work.
so 2 50w speakers can be connected to 1 50w channel? watt wont bottlekneck or whatever?
Im kinda new to this. i gues its a noob question.

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