2 TV's / IR cords and equipment needed?


Nov 15, 2016
Hello. I have a Comcast high definition DVR box and two HD TV's. I am sharing the box in between the two TVs via HDMI cable and I'm wondering how to change the box from the other room with the IR port. Is there wire that I can plug in in the back of the box, and brought it into the room where the second TV is so I can change the Channel on the remote? I'm sure there's something out there that can do this even a wireless option would be great but I don't mind hardwiring thanks again


Oct 28, 2016
Hello there.

What you're asking for usually means using a wireless transmitter. I think the ideal solution for you would be to use this:

This will send the signal wirelessly over to the Comcast from the other room. Simply attach the small IR transmitter near or on the Comcast, and connect it to the base station. The transmitter/IR receiver is in the remote, and sends the IR from your remote over the air to the comcast.

The included batteries actually last quite a while, and are rechargeable.
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