20 Great Retro Games That Won’t Hurt the Wallet

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Jan 7, 2009
Hi guys, Rico here. Sorry about that. But the links to the games themselves should now be working. If you have suggestions, I'd love to work them into a future Retro Game Rundown!

[citation][nom]mayankleoboy1[/nom]good list. i would add apogee's BMENACE. one of the best games i have ever played on any platform[/citation]

I also loved that game, thanks for reminding me! I've had problems running my old copy on DosBox though, any suggestions? This is a game that's begging for an open-source remake for modern platforms!

[citation][nom]sliem[/nom]Star Control 2, yeah!![/citation]

Seeing that Syreen commander fleshed out in the ending (so to speak) made playing through that game much more worth for me, haha!


Civilization 2 "It ran well even on the weakest computers when it came out". Not true. I've played every version since Civ 1 (yes I'm an old fart) and none of them ran well on my computer. That was always the sign that I had gotten all I could from the computer I had and it was time to buy a new one. ;)
Not open for further replies.
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