23 year old JVC VND4285-007 radio has major issues


Jan 1, 2014
Hi, everybody! I have an 23 year old JVC VND4285-007 radio that I pulled from an old, abandoned cabin after about a year of storage. The cabin's temperature varies from very cold when arctic blasts strike to at least 90-100+ in hot summers. I am being presented with a slew of problems.

The problems:
1: The right speaker fades out at random times and requires several restarts of the radio to fix.
2: The CD player acts awol. It tries to scan for a disc when there is no disc and I have to insert a disc/restart the radio to stop it. Sometimes, I have to tell the radio to play the disc before it quits. The CD player also fails to play random tracks and crashes back to the CD info. It also fails to repeat. Sometimes, it won't even play the first track and it takes multiple attempts to play it. It also won't play a specified track beyond track 1 or 2.
3: The radio signal fades in and out and sometimes has static to it. It doesn't do this on another radio.
4: The first tape deck only plays the bass half of any audio track. The second tape deck doesn't do this. It plays the full frequency of the tape.

I think this is all related to capacitor failure. I haven't opened it up yet to check for bad/bulging caps, but this is a nice radio that I'd hate to trash. Please help me and I need Home Audio experts ONLY!! I want to save this piece of awesomeness for future use. Thanks.
It is not all related to capacitor failure (maybe only the 1st problem). Dirty controls and relays can cause the fading too. This is not anything like a flat screen TV.
The cassette deck may have a misaligned head and the rubber belts and idlers probably need to be replaced.
The CD player may have a bum laser, bad servo, or motor.
Overall unless you are a good electronics tech or want to spend a huge amount to fix it for sentimental reasons just use at as a display piece. Many parts will be impossible to get.
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