3.5mm Headphone jack compatibility


Feb 24, 2016
The audio coming out of my headphone sounds only works when the headphone jack is being rotated at a certain position when plugged into my phone. Otherwise the audio will sound extremely distorted, something like vocals of a song will sound very soft while the background music is playing at normal volume.

I have tried testing 3 of my other headphones on my phone and they all sound fine. But I have also tested this headphone with my laptop and it doesn't have this audio distortion issue.

Base on the tests, it seem neither my headphone nor my phone could be faulty. So what is going on ? Is the headphone jack incompatible with my phone or something ? Please help !!!!!
sometimes jacks or plugs from certain manufacturers are mis-manufactured and are not up to spec so have a loose fit and bad connection. some dont plug in all the way without more force than normal, some do not fit snug and wiggle.

if your computer had an issue with the jack you should have definitely noticed it with other headphones and if you rotated the plugs in the socket. or if you wobbled them a bit.

if your headphones had a completely bad plug or broken wire you would have noticed this when you plugged into other devices, rotated the plug or tried bending the wire a bit to see if you had issues.

do double check by not just plugging in but rotating, making sure the plugs are firmly inserted and slightly bending the headphone cable around a few times to make sure its not a problem with said headphones though.

if both of the above tests work out fine that hints at some sort of plug to socket mismatch to me. you could try a phone to pc headset adapter (3.5mm 4pole TRRS male to 2x 3.5mm 3pole TRS female) as all phones share a common mic/headset 3.5mm jack. it could be that the plug is not seating right so such an adapter (just plugging in to the headphone side and leaving the mic side alone) would fix with your headphones.