3.5mm TRRS Left Audio (Tip), Right Audio (Ring), Mic/Video (Ring), Ground (Sleeve)


Jan 24, 2014
I would like a confirmation on the 3.5MM wire I have with 4 conductors. It is 4 conductor with TRRS.

Tip - Left Audio (yellow color?)
First Ring - Right Audio (Red color?)
Second Ring - Mic/Video (Yellow?)
Sleeve - Ground (Green?)

Here is the picture of the male end I am trying to figure out. I need confirmation because I'm putting these wires into a customized cord end and I need a ground, left and right audio. I thought the above was correct but I'm confused now looking at my end. The only one that is obvious is that the Green wire is the Ground and is the sleeve.

The red wire is at the end on a small ring.
The white wire is in the middle on a slightly larger ring.
The yellow wires is next.

Does that mean they are in this order? TRRS-SRRT
Tip - Red (Left Audio)
Ring - White (Right Audio)
Ring - Yellow (Mic/Video)
Sleeve - Green (Ground)

Thanks for your help


Jan 24, 2014

I do have an OHM meter. Could you direct me to what readings I'm looking for to determine which is which?

I assumed right audio was always red and left audio was always white but I guess that's a bad assumption.


Apr 22, 2009
Set your meter to read Ohms. Plug the leads into the correct posts, and use the probes to touch a ring and one of the wires or terminals. A digital meter should read 0 (or nearly) ohms when you have a match. An analog meter will swing the needle to 0 ohms.
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