Sep 25, 2018

I have a 2017 macbook, that will be hooked up to a monitor with 3.5 mm minijack output (its a hub), i have a PS4 that just has USB, and i have a Windows computer.

I'd like all of these to be connected to 1 headphone,1 pair of speakers and 1 microphone

I know I need a mixer, but not much more then that.

What mixer do you recommend? and what cables would i need for this to work? my budget is very open. i guess something in the $100-200 range, But possible for more if thats to hard to work with

Had my eye on this mixer:



The mixer you link to is designed to output via USB to a computer used for recording. I don't think you can use it as you envision.
If you don't need to mix audio from the PS4 and computers with the mic for you to listen at the same time you can use switches instead of a mixer.
You are going to connect the PC, Mac, and PS4 to the monitor? If the monitor audio output works for all the inputs on the monitor then you can split that output and connect it to both the speakers and headphones. An input selector switch rather than a splitter might be more convenient.
The mic you link so seems to have a stereo 3.5mm plug so the same selector would allow you to switch it between the PC and Mac.
If you do need to mix them then you need a mixer with 1 mic input and two line level stereo inputs.