Discussion 375SM-A bios coruption from evga presicion kbust

Sep 16, 2019
Hi , i just post this here in order to prevent other users destroy their machines

Im an owner of eurocom x7 with clevo 375SM-A mobo , and gpu sli 880 m

You must know that sli is an extreamly faulty build up that fail to play the 80% of the games i tried without crashing (none game of ubisoft work properly). Nvidia stop suported it and the most new games dosnt support sli it need special mods or technicks in order to make them work . So just buy 1 simple card with the same performance istead buy sli

As i had disabled the sli i tried several methods to improve performance and to make assasins creed odysey stop crushing to desctop with no error . The best way i found was to disable the sli and put the phiscs proccesor to be done by the cpu not by the second gpu .

After make the game stable i tried to increase fps so i tried evga precision . Evga precision has bricked a lot of machines thats something i didnt know . I tried an option that its name is KBUST and i press ok . Thats it when i pressed ok the external monitor stoped working and the only working screen was the screen of the laptop , furthermore nvidia control panel give me an eror and wont open . It was like it recognize no gpu in the machine . I work several hours to fix this unistall and reinstall drivers , revert windows to previus version , nothing worked . The only solustion i found was that i had to put out the hdmi cord and restart the pc ,after windows log in i connect again the cord and everythin worked fine both panels was on and nvidia working fine . But if i restarted with the hdmi connected then the second panel couldnt work and also nvidia control panel couldnt open . I keep doing this temporary fix for some days .

Very strange isue right ?

When i decided to reenable sli it asked me for a restart , i press ok and i forgot to disconect the hdmi so when the restart made it never opened any panel !! This time not even the panel of the laptop . So i had a working pc with no ability to use a panel on it

I send it to my technician , he tried to reflash the proper mobo chipset bios but this didnt fix the black screen . After alot houres of research he found out that somehow this option of evga precision \kbust / corupted the bios of the EDID of monitor panel !!! Yes there is a chipset responsible for the panel and it is inside the panel . He managed to find the original EDID chipset bios for 375sma in notebookreview.com ,reflashed it and everything woked !!!

So watch out with evga precision unless you have a good technician to manage to do all this and you also have 100 euro to fly them in the air
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