3D Vizio Tv & soundbar: optical or hdmi?


Dec 29, 2014
I have a Vizio M501d-A2R 50inch 3D tv and would like to buy a sound bar for it. However, reviewing the forums, I am very confused on a few things:

1. Should I be using HDMI or Optical cable with the sound bar? Which offers better quality sound?
2. What should the chain of connections be to connect the TV, with a Samsung blu-ray player, with an Xbox 360, and all sound coming from the sound bar?
3. Since I have a 3D TV, does the sound bar need to have 3D-passthrough? If it does not need it, how will this effect the sound if it does not have it?

I have not chosen a sound bar brand/model yet because I am not sure about the above questions. Any suggestions are welcomed!


Jan 6, 2015
I have the same dilemma...lots of questions. Sales people in Best Buy and Costco were useless. I bought a soundbar and returned it.

1) HDMI or optical audio for this setup are equally good. Make sure there is a auto-audio-sync.

2) HDMI or Digital Audio...they both work. I also have an Xbox. Sounded great!

3) I didn't like the HDMI ARC connection since the soundbar had to be on for the TV to work. No passive pass-thru.

Also...Samsung sound was great. wireless subwoofer was easy. My problem...I want the soundbar volume to be controlled by the TV volume. I cannot find one! :-(
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