3rd brick got spoilt within 2 weeks


May 5, 2009
Hi, My laptop power supply brick has got spoilt with 2 weeks. I order another from amazon that one broke as well and also the replacement broke within few hours of using it. Whats the problem?


May 5, 2009
yeah cheap ones 90w and apparently my laptop needs 120w. Just Ordered the same one as my original. Hopefully it works or ill probably just order the the tarsus 180w later.

Could it be my laptop is causing the brick to go bad?

Ive baked my laptop so several years until recently cleaning it up from inside

Hi :)

We sell chargers in my shops...GOOD ones that cost £37.00 each...

If yours are the Cheap Chinese copy ones (usually UNDER £20)...then that's the problem with them...

All the best Brett :)


May 5, 2009



Dec 24, 2011
If the standard one for your laptop is 120w and your using 90w ones (even a good 90w one) your going to cook it, its going to be working too hard. they have 120w for a reason
Bigger is better though a 180w will not have to work as hard, wont get as hot and will probably outlive any 120w at that usage


Sep 24, 2010
Not that I'm recommending cheap laptop power bricks, but I went to Ebay and got one for my laptop for less than $10 and it's worked flawlessly for years except for getting a little warm (I matched its amperage and such exactly to my laptop's needs to be sure it was compatible). I suggest matching the power brick to the laptops needs rather than buying an inadequate unit or an excessive unit because that's what has worked for me.
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