Question 4K Blu Ray Player Recommendations Requested

Feb 2, 2021
I am currently going through some troubleshooting steps with my home theater setup. I have noticed while watching 4K Blu Ray discs on my 4K Blu Ray disc player that once in a while the audio briefly cuts out. At one point I had connected my 4K disc player to an HDMI switch, which routed to one of the HDMI ports of my TV, due to my dislike of the TV's complex settings menu, which with the exception of only certain settings, only allows me to make changes to each individual HDMI port. I ultimately decided to go through the hassle of setting up custom settings for two of my TV's HDMI ports and connected both my Roku Ultra Streaming player and 4K disc player directly into the TV. The sound still cuts out briefly on my 4K disc player while playing 4K Discs but I have never noticed sound dropping out while playing regular Blu Ray discs. I am currently going through the troubleshooting steps. I have already connected the 4K disc player to another HDMI port on the TV, applied the custom HDMI settings, and will test it to see if the problem continues. I have already ordered a different set of HDMI cables to connect the 4K disc player to the TV if the previously mentioned step does not work ( 8K HDMI Cable 48Gbps 6.6FT/2M, Highwings Ultra High Speed HDMI Braided Cord-4K@120Hz 8K@60Hz, DTS:X, HDCP 2.2 & 2.3, HDR 10 Compatible with Roku TV/PS5/HDTV/Blu-ray : Electronics ). If that does not work, I will order a different 4K disc player to see if that solves the problem. Either before or after I get a new 4K disc player, I may contact my TV manufacturer to do a remote diagnostic to see if they can detect anything wrong with the TV (I had a remote diagnostic done when I first setup the TV and the manufacturer representative said no problems were detected).

I have also noticed while streaming movies on services such as Disney Plus or HBO Max on my Roku Ultra, which is also connected to my TV via HDMI, that the audio also briefly drops out. I suspect that this problem is more likely because of either streaming issues on the streaming service's end or that it my be an issue with either my internet service provider or some other internet connection somewhere between my house and where ever the streaming content is transmitted from. I am open to suggestions if this is an indication of a bigger problem with my home theater setup.

My current home theater setup includes:

TV: LG 55SM8600PUA
4K Disc Player: Sony UBP-X700
Sound System: Samsung HW-N650 Soundbar ( connected via HDMI to TV's assigned HDMI audio out port with wirelessly connected optional rear speakers)
Streaming Device: Roku Ultra (4670R )

As I have stated before, I am currently going through the troubleshooting process for my 4K disc player. However, as a pre-caution, I would appreciate recommendations on reliable and reasonably priced 4K disc players if it turns out that the problem is with my current 4K disc player. In the past I had a Samsung UBD-M9500/ZA player which I got rid of because of my growing dissatisfaction of Samsung's tech support. I also had an LG UBK90 which I also gat rid of because it had playback issues with several of my 4K discs, there apparently was no firmware update for it since its release, and tech support said there was no problem with the player after sending it in to one of their tech facilities twice. I am currently uncertain if I will go with Sony for a replacement 4K disc player, but I am open to the possibility. I am also open to the possibility of paying more for a higher end 4K disc player if it means it will perform better and more reliably than a lower priced 4K disc player (just not a super expensive player). Now, my TV has Dolby Vision capability and I am considering upgrading to a Roku Ultra that supports Dolby Vision. I would prefer that the 4K disc player also have Dolby Vision capability, but I am willing to consider letting go of the Dolby Vision capability if it is an HDR10/HDR10+ capable player that is more reliable than a Dolby Vision capable player.

I appreciate your assistance and advice. Thanks in advance.
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