4K HD Samsung TV & Pioneer 7.1 Ch Receiver Surround Sound is Poor, Low


Dec 10, 2016
Our Pioneer VSX1130 7.1 Ch Receiver used to be hooked-up w/Samsung TV 1080p & BluRay. All Speakers produced great sound (L-C-R-SL-SR-XL-XR SW). Recently we replaced the TV w/a 65K8000FXZA Samsung(4KHD) hooked up via ARC HDMI. We find the sound quality is poor, low, and the back speakers can barely be heard. We were able to hear the bullet sounds from a Bond movie perfectly from the side/back speakers, but with this new tv, the sounds seem to be mostly in the front. Any idea as to why this is? Do you think it's related to the receiver connection or its settings? Cable? TV Settings? Thanks.
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