5.1 audio from TV to PC (digital optical to USB)


Jan 19, 2016
So, I am going to throw this out here - perhaps someone has dealt with this before and can help me:

* I have a 5.1 sound setup, consisting of stand-alone active speakers, connected to my PC via a external sound card (Xonar U7).
* I have a TV (55PUT6400), connected to PC via HDMI - I can play content from PC to TV, while using PC speakers.

Now, I want to use the same PC speakers to play audio from TV-s internal sources (use them as TV speakers as well).
I have been able to do this to a extent, by using TV-s analog out (headphone jack) and connecting to Line-In on my PC. This only enables stereo sound tho.
I would like to get 5.1, e.g. from Netflix app.
I imagine, the only way to get 5.1, is from the optical digital out on my TV.
My PC does not have a optical digital input (nor a SPDIF input).

Has someone done this before?
What would be the simplest/cheapest solution for getting digital 5.1 audio from my TV to my PC (presumably some optical to USB link)?
(I wouldn't really like to buy a new high-end sound card at this point.)


sb-z has an optical input though not sure if its limited to just 2.0 or if it does surround. you may want to research further to verify if it does or not.

finding optical input is not common for soundcards so options are very limited.
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