5.1 audio from TV to PC (digital optical to USB)


Jan 19, 2016
So, I am going to throw this out here - perhaps someone has dealt with this before and can help me:

* I have a 5.1 sound setup, consisting of stand-alone active speakers, connected to my PC via a external sound card (Xonar U7).
* I have a TV (55PUT6400), connected to PC via HDMI - I can play content from PC to TV, while using PC speakers.

Now, I want to use the same PC speakers to play audio from TV-s internal sources (use them as TV speakers as well).
I have been able to do this to a extent, by using TV-s analog out (headphone jack) and connecting to Line-In on my PC. This only enables stereo sound tho.
I would like to get 5.1, e.g. from Netflix app.
I imagine, the only way to get 5.1, is from the optical digital out on my TV.
My PC does not have a optical digital input (nor a SPDIF input).

Has someone done this before?
What would be the simplest/cheapest solution for getting digital 5.1 audio from my TV to my PC (presumably some optical to USB link)?
(I wouldn't really like to buy a new high-end sound card at this point.)