5.1 from pc to denon reciever with digital coaxial


May 22, 2015
Please help!! I am trying to get my pc to run 5.1 through my denon receiver via digital coaxial cable and it is just coming out in stereo. realtek hd audio manager doesn't show the speaker tab to say what speakers I have. im using a gigabyte onboard sound card.


First you have to make sure that the signal is 5.1 or whatever. Also, you need to configure Windows and Realtek HD. Also, it depends on what Realtek HD you have. Getting 5.1 from the less expensive motherboards with chip sound cards can be a pain.

Please post what Gigabyte motherboard you're using so we can get a better idea. More information is best, what kind model, what model of receiver, what speakers and etc.

Happy listening, the Prisoner...
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