Question 5.1 Surround not properly outputting from Windows 10 PC to AVR via HDMI

Sep 29, 2021
For some reason, I have been having a bunch of issues trying to get 5.1 audio to properly work from my computer to my AVR.

I'm running Windows 10, HDMI is plugged into the port on my EVGA 3080 FTW3, and goes to my Denon AVR-X1600H. This is the HDMI cable I'm using:

The AVR works fine with all other inputs, so it's not broken or anything like that

In my control panel sound settings I have the speakers configured to 5.1, and the quality set to 24/96. When I run the sound test, I hear the chimes in the front L/R, but then nothing else, even though it runs for the amount of time it would take to test all 6 speakers. It shows the audio outputting on the VU meter for the front L/R, but nothing for the others.

When I play games that have surround sound, like The Outer Wilds, there are obviously sounds missing, like the game is outputting to all channels but they're not playing for some reason.

The only way I've gotten surround to work is watching a movie on VLC and turning on bitstream passthrough, and only then did the surround work normally

This is driving me crazy! If anyone has any idea how to fix it I would be so grateful. Thanks so much!!
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