5.1 Surround Sound acting up

Sep 7, 2018

I recently bought a 5.1 surround system set from Trust (Trust GXT 658 Tytan). The sound is amazing but I recently noticed that ALL of the speakers use the same channel, which is the front channel. I noticed this because the actual front speakers barely produce any sound (another issue ...)

Now when I test the speakers in the Realtek HD Audio Manager and I click on the front left speaker for example, the sound comes out ALL speakers except for the front speakers .... like what? This is highly annoying because I can't create a true surround sound experience like this, the front speakers are just .... sitting there.

This image, if I click on any speaker the sound will play out of all speakers, the only ones not working are the Subwoofer and front speakers (the subwoofer does produce good base and sound but it does nothing when I press on the test button). The same thing happens in the Windows settings, it's set on 5.1 but when I click on 1 speaker to test it all of them make a sound except the front speakers.

So can anyone help me with this? The main issue is that the speakers are not using their proper channels. I updated the drivers, checked if all cables were in the right ports (like 3928 times) and I have been googling for over 3 hours .. I got tired of it and that's why I decided to come here). I disabled all HDMI sound thingies and I removed my headset.

Thanks in advance!

(edit, my motherboard is the TUF X299 MARK 2 from ASUS, which does support 5.1)
To verify that the problem is the PC I would suggest you connect the headphone out of your phone (or any other stereo output device) to each input of the speakers. If the speakers are OK then you should hear two speakers play for each input. The fronts should play together. The surrounds should play together. The sub and center should play together.
If that doesn't work the speakers are bad.


Are you physically connected to the rear audio output ports that go into the 3x3.5mm inputs on the back of your speaker system's input? You should follow the connection instructions listed in your manual, option 5 and 6, and you should be able to get surround sound functionality.

The inputs on your speaker's subwoofer will be RCA while the outputs on your computer/motherboard will be 3.5mm.
Sep 7, 2018

Thanks for the reply.

I am physically connected, I do have sound as stated above but all speakers are on the same channel which is causing several annoying issues which are also stated above.

That tells me you are running the asus audio manager, the front end, I am talking about the actual sound drivers. Open hardware/device and verify driver version # same as on Asus web site.

Read what u wrote, 3 times, and keep telling myself.... not a whole lot that can mess up here, very puzzled.
Sep 7, 2018

This is the only driver that's listed on the ASUS website

and that's the ASUS Audio Manager (also shows the same in hardware/device).

Sep 7, 2018

All speakers work, just tested it. Also when I put the front speakers in the rear output they work but then the rear speakers don't work lol ...
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