5.1 surround with 5 separate Bluetooth speakers


Dec 12, 2012
Hey folks. I'm super cheap and want to go wireless with my audio setup.
Currently I have a stock Dell audio card capable of full surround and I used aa cheap 5.1 wired setup that came with the pc. I have Bluetooth and I have the opportunity to get a bunch of Bluetooth speakers for dirt cheap.
My question is: Can I create a properly synced surround system with five separate Bluetooth speakers and a wired subwoofer? Granted I would likely need additional software if this is at all possible.
Thanks for any assistance.
You can't do surround sound with Bluetooth. Not a software issue. BT doesn't support more than 2 channels and you can't get the speakers to do one channel each. Never heard of using multiple BT transmitters either.
Plus if they are battery powered you may run out of charge. May not sound as good let alone better than the wired setup.
Don't think you can take advantage of the deal for this application.
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