Question 5.1 system troubleshoot


May 30, 2017
Hello everyone, i recently purchased a logitech x530 5.1 system .I have a B350 mate motherboard which supports 7.1,so i connected the jacks to their appointed color and then used realtek hd audio to set it as 5.1.Problem is only 3 sattelietes and the subwoofer works the other 2 are silent when playing songs.And they are pretty quiet when listening to yt videos.
Since music will almost always be in two channels you won't get any output from the rear unless you have a surround mode in the PC to extract surround from stereo content. AVRs have many modes to do this but PCs may not have any.
The videos you are watching may not contain much rear channel information. In most cases you won't hear constant output from the surrounds. They only come on when the director wants you to hear them.
You can check whether they are working correctly from the PC audio control panel. The level of the rears can be turned up but if there is nothing there at all you can't raise the volume of zero.
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