5 best Apple Music tracks to try spatial audio on speakers and headphones


Dec 6, 2020
The problem with streaming Atmos is it's not "real". The streaming/wimpy Dolby Digital Plus version at a compressed piddly 384 - 720k bitrate is a far cry from disc-based true HD (at several MB rate)...and just sounds so mid-rangey in comparison.

That said, I was finally able to test an Apple 4K box this week and I have to highlight several Lady Gaga tracks in particular as sounding pretty great (Poker Face/Paparazzi). Also it's no surprise that Billie Eilish's spectacular production tracks of her main album sound pretty darn good too. Last but not least Rush's Moving Pictures and Signals album have some pretty good sounding tracks in "Atmos". And my favorite Tom Petty song "Don't Come Around Here No More" does sound pretty good...while "Free Falling" sounds really...well...strange :)

But all in all, especially in the case of Rush (or especially the Beatles), it just makes me long for the real thing off a disc.
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