5 Things We Would Like To See in The Wii 2

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Oct 13, 2009
What I'd like to see:
1. 100 Amazing Colourful Variety of Games that don't suck, with awesome graphics to bring out the colour
2. Amazing extensions available for download
3. Amazing free games that are downloadable
4. A revolution in gaming
5. Games as good, or even better than Half-Life 2, Super Mario Galaxy, etc.


"This new Wii has to be either an entirely new console that is capable of competing with the next Xbox and PS - or represent a thorough refresh that bridges the gap to a much more significant new Nintendo release"
Graphically it has to look the part yes i agree.


If I had to spend money on a new Wii, I would rather spend it on an upgrade to the software. Not the entire unit. If I had to do that, then I might as well jump to Xbox! I think Nintendo needs to provide software updates for free to all users on a regular basis for some period of time. Its good marketing, and keeps people attached to the product line. And yes, eventually it would be nice to have more "real" looking graphics, and have a better controller or even a controller belt that you wear. Something similar to the Kenetic, but accurate.


Oct 7, 2009
1. Yes, the controller does suck, even with WiiMotion Plus (as its improvement with titles is hit and miss). Nintendo, with the wii, essentially took the Power Glove from the NES, and turned it into a console. It isn't as awful as the Power Glove, but the Wii controller connectivity still pisses off a good margin of gamers with its lack of precision and accuracy.

2. It is going to be hard for Nintendo to "upgrade" what they have created with the Wii. Xbox Kinect is just an upgraded PS2 Eye Toy, and PS3 has hit something with the Move (same tech used for TrackIR on PC). A controller with a screen is not going to make me want the next Wii, as I will want to pay more attention to my 55" LCD screen that probably would have much better graphics than a 6 inch screen.

3. This is what pissed me off the most about the Wii. HD, at least 720p, should have been included with the Wii. Hell, it does not play DVD movies without performing homebrew on it. The hardware is there (all consoles share a variant of the same CPU), and Nintendo could have made a few more sales by having 720p and DVD playback.

4. I can agree with this as well. I have tried various games with the Wii from Tiger Woods to Monster Hunter, from the Wii Games to Rock Band 2, and sadly the only one that I was interested in was Rock Band 2. Most other games out on the Wii were either on the PS3 or PC which I would rather play over the Wii (I got Rock Band before I got a PS3). You also have the issue with Rock Band where songs from previous versions can't be carried over on the Wii like it can be on the 360/PS3. I believe it was also mentioned that Rock Band 1 on the Wii did not support DLC as well. I don't know if that is the fault of Harmonix or Nintendo, but if the 360/PS3 can do it, the Wii should be able to as well.

5. I also agree here because Nintendo has been in the mobile gaming market probably more than the other two console makers. If anything, they should capitalize on the DS and add the mobile device connectivity to that.


Mar 24, 2008
A screen on the controller would be cool, if they have those jackets that turn them into a rifle, by adding mirrors you have a scope (if & only if you snipe playing a FPS game). A touchscreen controller would make possible different layout of as many or as few touchscreen buttons as required of a game. You could even have the screen show coordinates on it of your position in the game that you are playing without taking up space on the TV screen.


Jul 25, 2009
1. Games that don't suck (short livespan, boring, look uggly, make you feel like a 10 year old when playing).
2. A console that offers the latest graphics hardware and standards.
3. Built in storage and media center options (Blu-ray, hardware decoding of popular video formats) / streaming media support (better inputs, card readers...)
4. Better online experience and added community features.
5. Backwards compatibility with ALL previous Nintendo hardware/software (through add-on usb console readers for cartrage older games).


Did you seriously just write an article complaining about the possible addition of a controller with a screen on it and then complain that there's no integration with the DS? Do you get paid to write this?


May 14, 2010
"I'd get excited about a connected controller glove" It's called a Power Glove. A 6 inch screen would be unlikely, but a 3-4 inch screen? Theoretical designs place the screen in the middle plastic, which would keep it out ot the way and still allow a classic console control design. A lot of people compare this to Dreamcast's VM, but the VM wasn't a touchscreen and was very low bit. What people need to think is the lower half of a DS. DS allows for more innovative devs to utilize some touch controls while still leaving standard controls available. It's worked very well for them, so why not adapt it to their main console? I don't think they'd be fully willing to ditch the WiiMote however, but they could keep that basic functionality by putting the same sensor port on the new system. Like anyone who's ever used a WiiMote, I want a MORE PRECISE WiiMote. It might actually be fun if it worked accurately. They could always do something truly different and just stop bundling controllers with the system. Leave people the option of using a cheap basic controller, a touch screen controller, or a WiiMote, depending on their gaming preference, and save them the price difference.

While I agree that Wii has to support 1080p for it's games, I don't believe it needs to sign any solid deals with providers and become a media player system like XBox/Sony. Nintendo has always stuck by it's "gaming only" style, and it's about the only console that still sticks to this philosophy. We don't need prices being driven up from trying to be a media system, let the others do that. Nintendo's done well just running it's games. I mean, what isn't running Netflix and Hulu+ anymore? I don't really need to pay extra for functions I already have.

A lot of people say that releasing their system earlier than the competition would put them at a disadvantage. Keep in mind though that having the most powerful system on the block, even for a short period, could pull some developers back into their corner. Once they're back, they might realize they'd rather stay. Catching devs is also about creating a platform that's easy to develop for, but this may not happen since easy to dev systems are often easy to hack systems and Nintendo seems to be getting fed up with piracy. I tend to wonder if it's worth bringing them back however, with the increasing low quality that 3rd parties bring. It seems like more of them would prefer to just up their graphics and toss the same garbage out rather than improve their gameplay with the tools given.

I've actually been somewhat surprised that Nintendo HASN'T done more with using the DS and Wii together, historically they've already dabbled in it on previous systems. I wouldn't call it necessary though. The only thing that seems necessary on that front is the same account between systems for their DLC games, those should be shared between the handheld and the console.

One thing you didn't touch on that's on a lot of people's mind is the distribution of games. If they don't put out a media player system, they don't need a bluray player, but they'd likely need a format larger than a normal DL-DVD, a few Wii games do actually push up to 8GB so that won't do for next gen. They could try finding a cheap flash memory source, which would allow them to use cartridges more along DS sizes, or they could switch back to a proprietary format, which would help deter piracy. GC games were pirated much less than Wii games due to the difficulty of getting the proper burner. Really though, I still think the best option for consoles at this point is downloadable games. If they used an account/license method like Steam, they could both make pirating difficult and lower the need for large HDs since you could download and delete as needed. I know that makes people without credit cards and with slow connections cringe, so they would still need a physical format as well, but let's face it, that method has gone very well for the PC industry. It could even help fight off Apple/Android by using the friendly and convenient download and play method.


Mar 17, 2010
I think it's hilarious how people were going nuts trying to get one of these and paying more than retail to get them off ebay or craigslist.

Yet when I bought it last year, I couldn't believe how overrated it was. My kids don't even touch the thing anymore. Maybe it's because I bought it long after release, but I still could not see what all the hype was about.



Sep 12, 2009
Give it real controls, and hardware poweful enopugh to play 360/ps3 quality games at 1080p, and the devs will come flooding back. If it has those things, it doesn't need anything else.



Jan 11, 2008
Changes I'd like to see

1. HD
2. Proper (accurate) 1:1 tracking controls if Nintendo insists on keeping the motion control concept alive.
3. Integration with DS/3DS (they did it with the Gamecube on a random few games, should be possible with the Wii)
4. Backwards compatibility and transferability of all library games purchased on Nintendo online to the new console.


Launch with a Zelda game that aims for a higher age than Disney World does. No more talking animals, wolf-transformations, chicken chasing, or silly masks.


Jun 6, 2006
I'm just looking forward to playing Zelda in HD.
Nintendo has been on a roll of follies. I'm sure there will be something really dumb about this next console as well.

NES - Was what it was, no complaints

SNES - A better version of the original

N64 - I really didn't like the controller I thought the SNES controller was about perfect.
-Nintendo made the mistake of sticking to cartridges. This stopped Square from making Final Fantasy 7 for N64. The game was big enough that it took 3 CD's. It would have taken an insane number of cartridges to get that game on the system.
-I also didn't like that they changed the name to N64 as apposed to the earlier expected name "Ultra 64".
-The graphics for this system were not as good as I expected them to be. The system didn't suffer from pixelation like the Playstation did but it did have a problem with aliasing. Those jagged lines were bad and made the games look worse than I was expecting them to look.

GameCube - The controller was even more odd.
-The console doesn't play DVD's
-No built-in WiFi
-Nintendo maintained a mindset that video games are primarily for kids for far too long. Slightly before the Wii came out Nintendo did a study that told them the average gamer was in his/her upper 30's. They found that a typical gamer picked up the controller to play Super Mario Bros on NES and hasn't stopped gaming since and thus their audience has growen up. The whole time they were making games with kids in mind. That prompted them to change the new Zelda (The Twilight Princess) in a way that would make it more appealing to older audiences.

Wii - It wasn't HD. Someone high up at nintendo said HD doesn't matter. -> idiot
-Fake surround sound using ProLogic II
-Doesn't play DVD or BluRay movies

Wii 2 - I'm just waiting to see what the big folly will be this time.


Aug 30, 2010
If there is going to be a true upgrade to the Wii to compete as a next gen console it would need to be 1080p, with the new games on blu-ray discs and make the blu-ray player compatible to play movies and backwards compatible for original Wii games. It would also need to have proper storage with at least a 120gb hard drive for downloadable content, whether game purchases, apps (if Nintendo wants to go that route for it's downloadable games), movies, etc. and make sure it has wireless N for streaming movies.
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