5 Worst Security Fails of 2014

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Ulf Mattsson

Dec 20, 2014
Sony is just another company that is wide open and did not encrypt personal data and other sensitive information. They made an earlier business decision to not secure their databases. And now some politics is involved including Obama and Hollywood.

I think that the successful attack at JP Morgan Chase surprised me more. The largest US bank lost personal information of 76 million households and it took several months to detect.

Unfortunately, current security approaches can't tell you what normal looks like in your own systems and the situation is getting worse according to Verizon. Verizon is reporting that this a growing issue. Less than 14% of breaches are detected by internal security tools according to the annual international breach investigations report by Verizon.

Attackers will always figure out how to get around defenses, so you need to lock down the data that they want to steal.

So we need to protect our sensitive data itself with modern data centric security technology. As consumers, we must demand better protection from the companies we do business with.

Ulf Mattsson, CTO Protegrity
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