6 Month old HP Detachable Won't Power On


Jul 2, 2017
Product name: HP X2 Detachable 10-PO19TU
Operating System: Windows 10 (64 bit)
Purchase: Jan 18 2017, Local HP Dealer
Battery: Built in
AC Power Adapter: Works on another detachable (different brand)

My HP X2 Detachable went on Automatic Repair after the battery went down to 5% but after recharge and shutdown, nothing happens. It simply won't power on despite attempts at pressing the power button for 30 seconds before plugging in the adapter. Charging a full 24 hours failed too. I suspect the battery drained even after proper shutdown. This seems to be a common problem faced by HP consumers as mentioned in forums and on Youtube .

I watched a HP Computing Support video (2014) on Microsoft System Restore, Microsoft Refresh, and Full HP System Recovery titled HP Expert Day - How to Prepare for System Backup and Recovery.

How do I run any of these if my notebook won't power on?. Appreciate your help.



Question from WFakthong : "HP X2 Detachable won't turn on, battery dead"

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